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No Platitudes!
17 Sep, 2012. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: lncigc

 September 22-23

Over 120 Free Outdoor Activities

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One year after founding  the Children & Nature Network, Richard Louv challenged Grassroots Leaders with this request:  “No platitudes – we need action!”.  We are proud that Leave No Child Inside – Greater Cincinnati responded to that call, as evidenced by the wide range of activities summarized in our Annual Reports.  Now we would like to challenge you to take action to reconnect Greater Cincinnati’s children with nature!

One thing we have learned in the course of our work is that in order to re-introduce nature into the daily lives of children, adults need to “walk the talk”.  Adults not only control a child’s ability to access nature, we are role models.  Are you setting an example for your child, your grandchild, your niece or nephew, your students or your neighbors?


Are you “walking the talk”?   If you answered “yes”, thank you for being a leader in the work of moving us toward a happier, healthier future!   If you answered “no”, here is a “no platitudes” challenge for you:  Make a commitment to try one outdoor activity this month.  Choose something that you think you will really enjoy – something fun for your whole family, or if your kids are gone, for you and your friends – then pick a day and just do it.  Green Umbrella wants to make this easy for you. As part of their Meet Me Outdoors campaign, Great Outdoor Weekend (September 22-23) will give Greater Cincinnatians the chance to sample over 120 activities, all of which are free and open to the public.  Visit the website, check out your options and make a commitment to go!  We hope you’ll be inspired to make outdoor activity a regular part of your life.   Take the “no platitudes” challenge – Meet Us Outdoors at Great Outdoor Weekend!


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