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About Us

Leave No Child Inside Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati is a collaborative of individuals and organizations working to connect children with nature for their physical, mental and emotional health.

Our Aims

Strengthen social norms surrounding attitudes and behaviors that facilitate getting children outdoors

Empower advocates to use collective action to create change

Acknowledge and support those who are getting children outdoors

Our Core Values

  • Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusiveness
  • Respect for the cultural perspectives and personal values of the communities we serve
  • Espouse the importance of a healthy and biodiverse natural evironment
  • Further the notion that children who grow up with nature are more likely to protect it
  • Value the inherit capabilities and wisdom of children
  • Protect children’s right to play outdoors in safe natural environments

Collaborative Leaders

Victoria Carr
LNCIgc Co-Chair
Arlitt Center for Education, Research, & Sustainability
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Connie O’Connor
LNCIgc Co-Chair
Cincinnati Nature Center
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Collaborative Members


Need a Speaker?

Contact Us if you are interested in a program about the importance of nature to the physical, mental and emotional health of all children.