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Learn Outside

Nature is a classroom rich with learning experiences. Educators will find support resources including outreach programs and field trips, lesson plans and self-directed learning ideas.


Find school outreach programs and field trips for school or afterschool.  You can search by cost (many are free), topic and grade.


Download free lesson plans for outdoor learning activities.  Includes PreK-6 lesson plans that align with Ohio academic standards.


Find inspiration to get students outdoors through the multitude of ideas in our Learn Outside Pinterest Board.

School administrators showcase how their schoolyards have become learning laboratories that engage and inspire students while improving their problem-solving ability, social skills and behavior.

Every schoolyard can be an outdoor classroom!  This fun video offers simple ideas for cross-curricular outdoor activities that can enhance academic achievement in reading, writing, math and science.

Nature can improve Academic outcomes

Spending time in nature helps children succeed.

Improved Behavior
Increased Engagement & Enthusiasm
Enhanced Attention

Professional Development for Educators

Growing Up Wild

Audience: Early childhood
Description: This workshop correlates with NAEYC standards to foster learning with 27 hands-on activities that focus on wildlife and nature.
Date: November 2 (register by October 19)
Provider: Hamilton County Soil and Water District
Contact: Sara Fehring at

52 Weeks in the School Garden

Audience: All grade levels
Description: Weekly school garden guide with standards-based lessons.
Date: December 14
Provider: Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati
Contact: Ellie Falk at or 513-221-0981

School Garden Development

Audience: All grade levels
Description: Fundamentals of beginning a school garden. Six hour workshop.
Date: June 14, 2018
Provider: Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati

Customized Education Workshops

Audience: All grade levels
Description: We will tailor workshops to your school or center’s specific needs. A minimum of 12 participants is required. Costs vary depending up on books and supplies.
Date: By request
Provider: Hamilton County Soil and Water District
Contact: Gwen Roth at or 513-772-7645 Est. 13

Do you want a School Garden or Nature Playscape?

Many of the organizations in our collaborative offer design services, training and other assistance to schools and child care centers who would like to have gardens and natural playscapes.  If your school or child care center is interested in such a space but you are not sure where to start, please contact us and we will be happy to connect you with people who may be able to help and who will keep you informed of upcoming classes and training sessions.

These two e-books are terrific resources for helping you plan effective outdoor learning areas: