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Childhood Without Trees?
2 May, 2014. 0 Comments. Early Education, Family Activities, K-12 Education. Posted By: lncigc

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TREES!!! Filmmaker wants your stories

“I remember having a low-branched mulberry tree in our backyard as a child. We would throw sheets over its branches and it was instantly transformed into base camp for the neighborhood “archaeology dig” where we found shards of china that we were certain must have fallen off the wagons as the pioneers travelled west in their wagon trains. By night, it became the site of many a ghost story as we huddled close with our flashlights, wrapped in blankets to stave off the chill. Imaginations ran wild and friendships grew strong in our ‘tree tent’. “

Do you or your children have a story to tell about trees? Filmmaker Andrea Torrice is filming a documentary about America’s urban and community forests. The film, Take Root, will delve into the history of these forests, their importance to our health and well-being, and the threats they now face. Says research assistant Keith Rutowski “We are looking for an eclectic group of individuals, ranging from those who plant trees, appreciate them or even despise the leaves they have to rake. The stories can be about trees in yards or the neighborhood park. These can be happy, humorous, or sad.”

If you, your children or grandchildren have a story to share, please contact us and we will pass the information on to Mr. Rutowski. He will meet with you briefly to talk about your story(ies), then send the pre-interviews to Ms. Torrice. If chosen, Ms. Torrice will set up a mutually agreeable time to film your story. You can see more information about the film here.

TAKING ROOT: Plant a legacy for our children and grandchildren


Academy of World Languages students planting tree

Did conjuring up memories about trees cause you to reflect on the beauty of our region’s majestic trees? At one time or another, all of us have bemoaned the loss of trees in our neighborhoods. Losses from storms, disease, or the chainsaw mean fewer shady places for children to play, fewer groves of trees where imaginations can run wild and streets that look, well, somehow naked. Even worse, non-native pests like the Emerald Ash Borer and Asian Long-horned Beetle now threaten to kill literally millions of trees in our region. But there is hope and you can help assure that future generations are able to enjoy their beauty and a healthy environment. Taking Root is an initiative to plant 2,000,000 trees in our region by 2020. Join in – plant a tree (or trees – how about one for each child?) in your own yard or “sponsor” a tree at your neighborhood school or park by donating to Taking Root. It’s fun to watch them grow and you will have made a ‘tree-mendous’ difference for future generations!


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