Jul 9
9 Jul, 2011. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: lncigc
Now it its sixth year, the Kid’s Outdoor Adventure Expo was bigger and better than ever this year. In addition to serving as the conclusion to Cincinnati Public Schools’ Fifth Quarter program, the event provided over 4,000 area children with hands-on experiences designed to “spark their interest in the world of nature” and enhance academic performance. Read more and see photos here: http://www.ohioriverway.org/
Jun 26
Cincinnati Public Schools Fifth Quarter Program Includes EarthSmart Institute
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Jim Shelton meets with fifth quarter planner and CPS parents In an innovative program designed to stem the loss of learning that takes place during the summer for many students, Cincinnati Public Schools offered a Fifth Quarter, targeting grades K-7 at thirteen* schools. The voluntary program included enrichment opportunities intended to close the achievement gap between low-income and more economically advantaged students. A recent Johns Hopkins University study found that 65 percent of the achievement gap between poor and more advantaged ninth-graders is due to unequal summer learning experiences during elementary school years. By the fifth grade, low-income children can…
Jan 5
Play Date for 50,000 in Central Park
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News of the movement to get kids back outside seems to be everywhere these days, but this event in New York City is worthy of special mention! A coalition called Play for Tomorrow hosted a Giant Block Party, expecting to attract 10,000 people. To their surprise, 50,000 showed up to participate in games like I Spy and drawing on the sidewalk with chalk (hop scotch, perhaps!). Read about it here.
Oct 26
Richard Louv speaks to American Academy of Pediatrics
26 Oct, 2010. 0 Comments. National News, News. Posted By: lncigc
The American Academy of Pediatrics has invited Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder, to speak at their national conference in October, 2010. This is evidence of the growing recognition of the critical role that nature plays in healthy childhood development. The AAP also recently published a paper, "Build with Recreation in Mind". An estimated 32% of American children are overweight, and physical inactivity contributes to this high prevalence of overweight. This policy statement highlights how the built environment of a community affects children's opportunities for physical activity. Read more...
Sep 29
Ohio Children’s Outdoor Bill Of Rights
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In September, 2010, an Ohio Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights has been endorsed by Governor Ted Strickland and more than thirty Mayors across Ohio. Click here to view the Ohio Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights.
Sep 28
The Report On Ohio’s Initiative To Reconnect Children With Nature
28 Sep, 2010. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: lncigc
This report, prepared by the Ohio Leave No Child Inside Collaboratives, in partnership with the Governor’s Office and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, summarizes the issues surrounding the diminishing connection of children to nature and sets forth strategies to return a healthy lifestyle to Ohio’s children. Click here to download the Report.
Sep 9
Leave No Child Inside Goes Statewide
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2010 saw the rapid expansion of the Leave No Child Inside movement in Ohio, as five collaboratives across Ohio came together to form the Ohio Leave No Child Inside Collaboratives. Click here to visit the statewide website and to be added to receive statewide news updates.
Jun 9
Safe Routes To School
9 Jun, 2010. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: lncigc
Cincinnati Public Schools has been selected to participate in the federal Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program. This program engages the school, parents and the community in an effort to make it safe for children to walk or bike to school. Leave No Child Inside – Greater Cincinnati is helping to identify parks and other greenspaces that can be integrated into the walking routes. We will help to negotiate joint use agreements and to facilitate volunteer trail construction projects when needed. Click here to learn more about the Safe Routes to School program.
Mar 9
Bringing Nature To Schools
9 Mar, 2010. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: lncigc
Leave No Child Inside – Greater Cincinnati is expanding our support of Cincinnati Public Schools to encourage a closer, more customized relationship between schools and nature organizations via the Nature Partner Program. Advantages to this are many – closer alignment with academics at the school, closer relationships with teachers and students, and in many, cases, added services like outdoor classrooms and free field trips. Learn more by clicking here.
Aug 1
2nd Annual Child-Friendly Backyard Contest
1 Aug, 2009. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: lncigc
We know that unstructured outdoor play leads to happier, healthier and smarter children! Leave No Child Inside wants to encourage a return to the joyful, creative outdoor play activities that should be the birthright of all children. The Child-Friendly Backyard contest is a fun way to encourage parents to allocate space for these safe, unstructured play areas. The measure of success for a Child-Friendly Backyard is that it will be a place your children and their friends will want to spend time playing, imagining and learning for many years to come! Judging is based upon your use of space, not…