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Sunrock Farm Winter Holiday Day Camp
16 Sep, 2013. 0 Comments. . Posted By: lncigc

Program Description:

Children ages 4-14 can enjoy their winter holiday at Sunrock. Campers help with "chores" by milking goats, gathering eggs, brushing horses, walking sheep and much more. Games, crafts and snacks are provided in warm, cozy barns.

Program Provider: Sunrock Farm
Grade Level: a) Pre-K, b) Kindergarten, c) 1st Grade, d) 2nd Grade, e) 3rd Grade, f) 4th Grade, g) 5th Grade, h) 6th Grade, i) 7th Grade, j) 8th Grade, k) 9th Grade

How much does the program cost? $50/day

Program Provider Website:
Contact Person Name: Farmer Frank
Contact Person Phone: 859-781-5502
Contact Person Email:
Subject Matter: Animals, Animals - Live Animals, Biology, Gardening Agriculture and Soil

Program Length: Over 1 hour
Maximum Number of Students: 25
Days Offered: Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Times Offered:
State Content Standards Met:
Venue Needed: Off-Site Venue
Region: Greater Cincinnati Area

Extra materials, if any:

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