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Program Description:

Nature is a wonderful way to learn all about our very own discovery tools, our senses. This fun program hikes the trails of Imago and invites young ones to use all of their senses to really get to know the outdoors. Students will hike Imago’s trails and engage in nature activities to explore all of the five senses: looking for colors in nature, listening for bird calls and other sounds, feeling things found at Imago on our touch table, smelling things found in Imago’s gardens, and tasting something made by plants through photosynthesis.

Program Provider: Imago Earth Center
Grade Level: a) Pre-K, b) Kindergarten, c) 1st Grade, d) 2nd Grade

How much does the program cost? Half Day (1.5 - 2 hour) programs are $4.00 per participant with a $60 minimum.

Program Provider Website:
Contact Person Name: David Hill
Contact Person Phone: 513-921-5124
Contact Person Email:
Subject Matter: Gardening Agriculture and Soil, Habitat, Plants

Program Length: Over 1 hour
Maximum Number of Students: 60
Days Offered: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Times Offered: Flexible
State Content Standards Met: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana
Venue Needed: Off-Site Venue
Region: Greater Cincinnati Area

Extra materials, if any:

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