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River Research, Education and Adventure Charters
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Program Description:

River REACH stands for River Research, Education, and Adventure CHarters. The River REACH program connects students to the Ohio River through hands-on, voyages of discovery aboard Queen City Riverboats. While on-board, students test water quality using the same methods and equipment as scientists who monitor and protect our river. They also see firsthand how their lives depend on the river as they observe stormwater and drinking water infrastructure, as well as barges carrying commodities they use every day. The overall experience gives students a sense of place in their watershed and an understanding of the challenges that need to be addressed in protecting a resource that literally runs through the lives of millions of people.

The River REACH program engages students in applied STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines through hands-on water quality monitoring, habitat assessments, and studies of aquatic organisms, including fish and macroinvertebrates, that are used to study the health of the river system. The curriculum was developed by a team of scientists and educators from local agencies, schools, and universities to meet science standards in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. The high school component of this curriculum was awarded "Outstanding Project" by the Ohio EPA!

Program Provider: Foundation for Ohio River Education
Grade Level: f) 4th Grade, g) 5th Grade, h) 6th Grade, i) 7th Grade, j) 8th Grade, k) 9th Grade, l) 10th Grade, m) 11th Grade, n) 12th Grade

How much does the program cost? $15/student, significant discounts for school on Free and Reduced Lunch Program

Program Provider Website:
Contact Person Name: Heather Mayfield
Contact Person Phone: 513-231-7719
Contact Person Email:
Subject Matter: Animals - Live Animals, Biology, Chemistry, Conservation, Environmental Health, Habitat, History, Litter, Math, Plants, Reduce Reuse Recycle, Stormwater Management, Water Quality, Weather

Program Length: Over 1 hour
Maximum Number of Students: 40
Days Offered: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Times Offered: Morning
State Content Standards Met: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana
Venue Needed: Off-Site Venue
Region: Greater Cincinnati Area

Extra materials, if any:

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