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Mill Creek Healthy People/Healthy River Education Program
15 Aug, 2013. 0 Comments. . Posted By: lncigc

Program Description:

Groundwork Cincinnati/Mill Creek sponsors an environmental education program that provides authentic learning experiences for students in twelve school districts in the Mill Creek watershed. Participating students acquire new skills, contribute to their communities, and learn to take pride in their accomplishments. Our approach to environmental education emphasizes both analytical and creative thinking and uses an action research model (data collection, problem solving and action taking). We encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and to help educate others about environmental issues. Through service learning activities we emphasize a conservation ethic and individual responsibility to protect and improve the local and global environment.

Organizations Served: School and After-School

Program Provider: Groundwork Cincinnati/Mill Creek
Grade Level: f) 4th Grade, g) 5th Grade, h) 6th Grade, i) 7th Grade, j) 8th Grade, k) 9th Grade, l) 10th Grade, m) 11th Grade, n) 12th Grade

How much does the program cost? Free

Program Provider Website:
Contact Person Name: Alan Edwards
Contact Person Phone: 513-731-8400
Contact Person Email:
Subject Matter: Biology, Chemistry, Conservation, Gardening Agriculture and Soil, Habitat, History, Math, Plants, Service Learning, Stormwater Management, Water Quality

Program Length: Over 1 hour
Maximum Number of Students: 30
Days Offered: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Times Offered: Flexible
State Content Standards Met: Ohio
Venue Needed: Off-Site Venue
Region: Greater Cincinnati Area

Extra materials, if any: All monitoring equipment and supplies are provided.

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