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Animals Alive!
19 Oct, 2015. 0 Comments. . Posted By: lncigc

Program Description:

Live animals and sensory items such as bones, skulls, furs, seeds, skins, puppets, pictures, games and songs are used.

Choose one of the topics below:
Our Natural World - Ohio Wildlife
Predator Prey Relationships - The Food Chain
Animal Tracking
Animal Olympics - Athleticism of Animals
Migrate, Hibernate, Tolerate (seasonal)
Adaptations for Survival
Wake Up Sleepy Heads (seasonal)

Organizations Served: School and After-School

Program Provider: MetroParks
Grade Level: b) Kindergarten, c) 1st Grade, d) 2nd Grade, e) 3rd Grade, f) 4th Grade, g) 5th Grade

How much does the program cost? In-County - $100 first hour and $30 for every hour after for the same program • Out-of-County - $125 first hour and $40 every hour after for the same program • Out-Of-County mileage surcharge of $10 if over 25 miles from Hamilton OH (outside of Butler County)

Program Provider Website:
Contact Person Name: Lynette Dean
Contact Person Phone: 513-867-5835
Contact Person Email:
Subject Matter: Animals - Live Animals

Program Length: Flexible
Maximum Number of Students: 30
Days Offered: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Times Offered: Flexible
State Content Standards Met: Ohio
Venue Needed: Classroom
Region: Greater Cincinnati Area

Extra materials, if any:

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