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Feburary, 2008

Photos courtesy of Imago

Eco-Families (nee Eco-Babies), is a monthly potluck for families and their young children, hosted by Imago. For parents, it is a way to learn more about ecological subjects and to hang out with other parents who share similar values. Children take part in songs, stories and hikes. Afterwards, it’s dinnertime!

Led by Dr. Amy Murdoch, a school psychologist specializing in early education and Chris Clements, Executive Director of Imago, each month features a theme and several activities revolving around that theme. Recent programs have included composting, birds, making gifts for wildlife, family yoga, gardening, and green cleaning products. A core group of Eco-Family friends have all brought their expertise and interests and added to the richness of the experience. The group also goes on two camping trips a year at local state parks.

Any person is welcome. Eco-Families takes place on the third Saturday of the month from 5:00-7:00 pm. Imago is located in Price Hill, just west of downtown Cincinnati at 700 Enright Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45205. For directions and a calendar of themes visit their website at or call (513) 921-5124.

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