May 19
Fun in the Mud
Article by Julie Eldridge Early Childhood Educator at Cincinnati Nature Center While April showers may bring May flowers, springtime also brings the season of MUD! Look away for one second and your child is ankle deep in it. Squelch, squerch, plop! His shining eyes and joyful giggles speak to every child's innate desire to get their hands dirty. So forget about the caked-on laundry and mess that will inevitably be tracked into the house. Instead, put him in his worst-of-the-worst play clothes and some sturdy rubber boots and head outside together for some fun and messy lessons. At the first…
Apr 26
Conserving our Camps for Future Scouts
26 Apr, 2008. 1 Comment. Camping, Family Activities, News. Posted By: lncigc
On Saturday, April 5, over 75 Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts at the Dan Beard Scout Reservation and over 30 Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts at Camp Michaels learned about conservation while helping our camps at the spring Camp Conservation Day. Hundreds of sapling trees were planted along the banks of the Little Miami River. Scouts also staked protective tubes over the trees to protect them from hungry deer and the elements. Invasive honeysuckle was removed from the woods around the Mountain Man Village at Cub World, preparing the area for new natural growth. Everyone was treated to a hot…
Feb 26
Nocturnal Adventures at the Cincinnati Zoo
26 Feb, 2008. 0 Comments. Family Activities, News. Posted By: lncigc
  Article by Michelle Balz Photos courtesy of the Cincinnati Zoo Twenty Girl Scouts stand in the Nocturnal House kitchen, an area of the Cincinnati Zoo most visitors never see. It is 8:30 p.m., three hours past closing. All eyes are intently on the zoo instructor as she reaches into a bucket of live mealworms and, grinning, pops one in her mouth. "Remember when you eat these for breakfast in the morning to make sure you chew them really well or they will crawl back up!" she teases. This is not a local "Fear Factor" episode and these children are…